Friday, July 06, 2007

he can talk to the hand, 'cause the face ain't listening no more (updated)

Over instant messenger with a friend "Alice". She just ended things with a guy who was not treating her very well.

Alice: I'm mostly good, but there's five minutes each day when I wish he would call.

Me: At least it's only five minutes. Take heroin to distract yourself during those five minutes if you have to.

Alice: Ha ha.

[silence, while we each multitask]

Alice: It's happening right now.


Alice: I know.


Alice: It would be funny if there really were a web site like that.

Me: Yeah.

Alice: With distractions and reasons not to call him.

Me: [checking on GoDaddy] The domain isn't taken yet.


And thus a web site was born, a collaborative effort. A web site that served its purpose of distracting Alice for five minutes...

UPDATE: was a smashing success. However, I now realize there was a flaw in the plan.

We also should have registered


rachele said...

Hey Niniane, that's *awesome*...can't believe no-one had thought of it yet...I guess it also works for the IM-ing urges?

Natalia said...

Love it! This is great. Technology in action.

Anonymous said...

Vey funny, a feelgood sudoku!!

RC, The Netherlands

marilyn c. cole said...

Truly fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I checked out your photos on SmugMug. You have one gigantic head.

ishkabubba said...

what a *fantastic* idea. maybe you could set up a *twitter* or *pownce* account to send supportive messages too. ^^

Rebound Guy said...

Have her call me.

I am the perfect guy for a rebound relationship.

She can use until she finds her self resteem again.

1 800-Rebound

I also love to date married women.

Anonymous said...

Heay Niniane,

Sry to mention here again, but i dunno why is it really difficult to contact (reach) you or even get a reply from you. I mailed u several times, but is that they are been intentionally ignored. This is regarding some interesting work and new ideas which i wanted to convey, not any frills. Can I really reach you out?
Thanx again.