Thursday, July 12, 2007

funny T-shirt designs

I like these.


ArC said...

I cannot endorse the third.

metal said...

marburg said...

Girl, you need serious help! :D

Edwil said...

When I was a kid, I used to get into fights with kids who said that "my people" ate dog. "People" being from my Mom's country somewhere in Asia.

Then, when I was 10, I visited there and I realized the other kids were actually right. : /

I still fought them when I returned.

Anonymous said...

In case others did not know, Niniane has posted previously about experiencing and enjoying Canine Cuisine.

Anonymous said...

Here's the dog eating post:

Anonymous said...

You like the tees or that guy? whats on your mind... ;)

Anonymous said...

Heay Niniane, dunno when you'll again check the mail, but hv replied to the Google related idea mail. Thx in advance.

ishkabubba said...

omg! the dog t-shirt is *disturbing*. i have a friend who grew up in viet nam. when he was a little boy he came home from school only to discover that his dog was missing. his next door neighbors had killed and ate his dog! :-O

chinadoll said...

I think the model look like Peter ... how do u think ?

馬休 said...

When I am watching gladiator, It's bros before Crowes

When we're drinking coffee, It's bros before joes.

When I buy cheap beer, bros before strohs.

When I am buying stereo equipment, its bros before bose.

When I fix up my pad, its bros befoe lowes.

When gay men fight over which
Broadway musical to see, it's bros before shows.

when parking illegally: bros before

when feeling the racism: bros before anglos

when it comes to cooking:it is bros before cloves

when it comes to hunting: it is bros before does

when i am having sushi, it's bros before sapporos

with boyscouts: bros before weblos

with the kids: bros before legos

when pulling an all nighter: bros before nodoz

Of course I wouldnt punch below the belt, it is bros before huevos

in the database: Bros before rows

When pressured from HR: Bros before Cho's

Anonymous said...

I think Asian women have been spared from scornful ridicule when they were kids. Unfortunately, there is an Asian guy out there who haven't gone through one of the following: ching chang chong, asians have small penis, do your people eat dog, among other racist shits people come up with. I guessed that why there is gap between Asian men and women in this country.

The third is dispicable. I remember getting into fights because of shit like this.