Sunday, July 01, 2007


Dinner with friends last night.

Ana Mandara has a Zen-themed interior, with high ceilings and tall ferns. It is now my favorite restaurant in San Francisco.

Nikhil told us about his upcoming survival school. They will be taken out to the desert and forced to find their own food and water. Last year a person who went on this program died.

Me with the sweet Neha.

Dan, sunburned, and Ardan.

The younger, 27-year-old Niniane might have been tempted to lick off the chocolate words from the plate. I, however, desisted.

Chris brought me some cakes.

Aforementioned cakes. :)

Sara brought me two jars of honey -- one smooth and one chunky -- from her own bees that she's raising. How sweet of her, ha ha.

After dinner, the restaurant moved the tables aside and turned themselves into a nightclub. A few of us stayed. It was Asian night, and the crowd was oddly inhibited.

The girls.

This guy was dancing with two women, hip swivelling included, while shouting into his cell phone at the same time. Thus showing that Asians got game. Or at least multitasking skills. Represent!

Coolest DJ booth that I've ever seen.


John K. Lin said...

Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 25...

stegodyphus said...

Congrats! Every day above ground is a good day. How lucky you are to have such nice friends. Cake...

balu said...

Happy Birthday !

ishkabubba said...

happy birthday niniane! you're a sheep just like my sister. (^_^)

Step said...

Happy Birthday!

Mmmmm, those cakes look good. :)

Anonymous said...

You still have an enormous head.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 7/06/2007 4:49 PM:

You must have an incredibly small d**k