Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yesterday, when I renewed my home repair insurance, I dropped my washer / dryer from the coverage.

Naturally, this morning my washing machine overflowed and leaked water all over the floor in the laundry area and adjoining bathroom.

Probably it is just a small blockage. A simple matter of removing a sock from the drain tube. Surely I could troubleshoot it myself!

Then I did a google search and located this picture:

Are you frightened? I was. A repair company is coming this afternoon.

It may be time to get a new washer anyway. Mine is pretty old-school:

(The washer is on the right.)


Crazy Horse said...

Zen and the Art of Washing Machine Repair


ishkabubba said...

sorry to hear about your washer. i agree it's time to get a new one. i highly recommend the *lg tromm steamwasher*. the washer utilizes a patented *steam* technology to clean and sanitize clothes in 20 minutes. it requires less time in the dryer, and uses very little water. my friend has one and she loves it. best of all it is energy efficient and *green*.

Anonymous said...

2nd on the LG Tromm. It's not my list when my old clunker dies.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say "on my list" above

Patent Nerd said...

Niniane, if you think THAT diagram is complicated, take a look at the diagrams here:


(The point: unfamiliarity with a technology has a lot to do with how complicated it appears. Particularly when it appears as a diagram.)