Monday, March 15, 2010

surprise song

To quote from my own blog post of two days ago:

I have a fantasy that a breakthrough will happen, and a beautiful melody will emerge from my throat, and I will stand there stricken, tears streaming down my face as one soaring note after another rings out from a place I didn't know existed deep within my soul.

Well, it happened. Not the part about tears streaming down my face, but everything else happened.

My instructor said that it was gratifying to see me undergo such a large change. She said, "You made my night." I said, "You made my year."

That may have been an exaggeration. But it was pretty awesome!


Ed Falk said...

Wow, awesome. I wonder if there'd even be hope for me.

Justin K said...

Congratulations Niniane!

I'm terrible at singing myself.

One of my revelations is when my ex said to me... can't u listen to your own voice when you sing? For some reason that was foreign to me before that. Now I place a finger into my ear when I sing (alone) and it has helped... I think :P

Lets see what my next gf says.