Tuesday, March 02, 2010

home sweet home

I am very grateful for my new housemate R!

R is a former colleague from Google, who I've known for five years. It's nice living with a friend, because we can have conversations about work, love, and life. He cooks every few days, and I like to do the dishes afterwards, which he hates. He enjoys taking out the trash, which I hate. It works out very well.

French toast and tea.

The dish on the left is a complex Persian rice dish stuffed with green beans and meat.

My neighbors are happy, because they are very friendly with each other, but rarely see me. R has been talking to them a lot more than I do, and is now planning a bike outing. My next-door neighbors brought over home-baked cookies twice since R moved in. A different neighbor brought oranges from her tree.

I ran into Elizabeth at a loft party, and she asked me, "Niniane, did you move to the midwest?"

"What?" I said. "No."

"Your tweets are all about how your housemate cooked, or your neighbor baked cookies. I was thinking that you must have moved to the midwest."

I guess I'm just a suburb-y kind of person.


John said...

Suburb-y kind of a person? Not too long ago, weren't you thinking of moving to San Francisco? Did having a hard time finding parking in SF change your mind so quickly? LOL.

Niniane said...

In fact, looking for parking three times on Saturday (20 minutes each time) did worsen my feelings for SF significantly.

Niniane said...

(One of the times was 10 minutes, but another time was 30 minutes. Average of 20 minutes.)

ArC said...

I gotta ask, were your trips in SF walkable or bus-able?