Saturday, March 13, 2010

singing lessons

On Monday, I am starting a series of three singing lessons, 30 minutes every week. I bought a coupon from a music lesson web site. This is my instructor:

I am one of the worst singers that I know. When I go to karaoke with Chinese friends, they often encourage me to sing ("We're all amateurs! Don't be modest!"). If I succumb to the pressure and actually sing, it becomes awkward. Sometimes people take the other microphone and sing along with me to guide me. Afterwards, people won't meet my gaze. They say things like, "The important thing is that you were courageous enough to do it."

In college, I tried to improve. I was in glee club for a year. I took a group singing class. I took a music / EE course where we analyzed the frequencies of music. I did a 30-minute individual lesson with the glee club coach.

None of these helped, so I gave up.

But now I bought this coupon, so I'm going to give it another go. I have a fantasy that a breakthrough will happen, and a beautiful melody will emerge from my throat, and I will stand there stricken, tears streaming down my face as one soaring note after another rings out from a place I didn't know existed deep within my soul.

However, my recent motto is "Happiness equals results minus expectations." So I will keep to a realistic expectation, which is that my singing instructor will say after the lesson, "The important thing is that you were courageous enough to do this."


Anonymous said...

Do you sing on pitch? Children learn shape before pitch (

You could try my (free) tuner to see.


Kirk said...

Is there a Google app where I can click your instructor's image and it will tell me what song she is singing?

Anonymous said...

If you want to understand the physiology of the human voice, the wikipedia page on vocal pedagogy is a good place to start.

Good luck with your lessons. Try not to be disappointed if after three lessons you still don't have the type of singing voice you want. For most people, it takes many years of lessons and practice. Even professional singers have to work hard at maintaining that level of quality.

Stella Gomez said...

I find this post astonishing. I've been reading your blog off and on for several years. One of the things about it that interested me is that you are obviously unusually brilliant and competent at a range of difficult tasks. And witty and snarky- all in all, an entertaining package. It's hard to imagine that you would not be good at something. I know that sounds dumb, but the arc of your life is based around the fact that you've mastered so many esoteric and complex things, and will continue to do so. So hard to imagine you singing off key! Fascinating.

Best wishes to you.

Niniane said...

Stella, thank you, but I am bad at a bunch of things. One time I told my friend Melinda that I only have four skills in life. She refused to believe this, but then the next four counterexamples she listed (as my skills) were all on the list.

Documentaries said...

i hope you will learn to sing nice , and upload and youtube video

Chloe Zimmer said...

I think it's great you did not get discouraged! Singing should bring you joy and if it does there is no need to give up on it! Maybe these new singing lessons will be the turning point!

dokan sam said...

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Margo McCann said...

There is an option to also take online singing lessons if you decide to continue, so you can practice from your home.