Thursday, March 11, 2010

instant gratification

Yesterday I had dinner at Google with my friend Rose. We ran into a couple who I haven't seen for a while. I really like this couple. They both have great personalities and are fun to be around. Plus the girl is a few years older than the guy, a social trend which I support:

After a few pleasantries:

Me: "So, you guys have been together for a while now."

The Guy: "Actually..." [shifting his hand to reveal a wedding band on his finger]

Me: "Wow, you're married! Congratulations! When did that happen?"

The Guy: "A year ago."

Me: "That's great! And ... how did you propose?"

The Guy: "I didn't. [gesturing toward his wife] She did."

Me: [turning toward the girl] "And how did you propose?"

The Girl: "I just walked over to building 42 [one of the Google engineering buildings] and asked him."

Me: "On a regular workday?"

The Girl: "Yeah."

Me: "You just thought of it, and then you immediately walked over and did it?"

The Girl: "Yeah."

Me: "Wow, that's awesome."


KL said...


Anonymous said...

how. . .politically correct of them. bleh.

franklin said...

Oh man. I work in building 42. I wonder who it was.

Anonymous said...

Yeah glad she actually walked over and not just sent the guy an sms. He would've replied "Looks good to me".