Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scott Adams on names

I like this analysis of iPad vs Kindle, from Scott Adams (Dilbert creator):

Much has been made of the fact that iPad sounds like feminine protection. I get that. But how does that name influence consumer behavior? Feminine protection is generally considered essential. Perhaps that subconscious connection actually works in Apple's favor.

Consider the name Apple. An apple is the Christian symbol of an irresistible urge, whereas Kindle sounds like the unimportant twigs you use to start a fire. Kindle also sounds old-timey, as in "Grandma's got her Kindle and her rocking chair."

Compared to the Kindle, Apple wins on name, coolness, interface, cost-per-person, extra applications, web surfing, and probably its media distribution model. Kindle wins on screen readability, which is mostly relevant to oldsters. Battery life will be good enough on both.

I'm not sure that battery life will be good enough on the iPad. My Kindle battery lasts for a month.


ArC said...

I am guessing he means the iPad will have enough charge for a single reading session of a few hours... I mean, the smartphone users of today seem to accept having to recharge practically every day.

Niniane said...

Right, I'm not sure that I want to charge my reading device every day. Also it probably won't fit in my purse. I carry my Kindle everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Mad TV's take on the iPad a few years ago.