Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've been a reader of the popular Singaporean blog Xiaxue for four years, ever since I saw it on the Technorati Top 100 list.

Her latest entry is the love story of her and her new fiance. It is very sweet. When I got to the end and read Mike's letter, I cried. Tears literally came into my eyes.

I can't believe two people actually met the way they did, and it worked out. That's so against the odds! I like stories of love succeeding in impossible scenarios like this story, or Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.


Justin K said...

Haha looked up her fiance on LinkedIn (its on the pic of the envelope).... Robotics engineer.

Geek alright!

Real happy for that Bedazzled girl.

S said...

i think i saw you at grant road Ranch 99 today!
or else, someone who looks a lot like you with a small green car

creepiness aside, i really like your blog! i'm a current tech frosh (in MA though; i was planning to go to pasadena until i got off the 'other' institute's waitlist...) & it's nice to see someone with a similar perspective (:

anyway, there was a nearly epic prank a few weeks ago about MIT being sold & getting turned into Caltech East school of humanities--too bad it was foiled

Peter Fisher said...

Well that was a long read, but wow what an amazing story.

Niniane said...


That was me at the 99 Ranch, in my green Honda Civic!

I'm glad you like the blog. It must be very cold in Boston now. I visited MIT a few months ago, and it rained quite a lot.

The MIT - Caltech pranks are funny. I must say the best one was the stealing of the cannon.

hitsman said...

I completely see why you loved this story. It sounded like something you could have experienced and written. She sounds a lot like you, and he seems like the guy you would like.

I wonder, though, how much patience would you have had while he was jobless?

John said...

@Niniane - the moral of the blog post was, as she had written:

"So if you would like advice, I'd say go for the unassuming geek (or perhaps not so suave guy) who only has eyes for you, and give him a chance! Stop loving bad boys right now! Unless you are the sort who likes relationship drama/cheater/lying bitch etc then please don't date the good guys and turn them cynical, thank you very much."

Don't forget that Niniane (and all you other women out there!) :)

Justin K said...


Aside from the fact that both of them seem to have a preference for white boys, I don't think Wendy is similar to Niniane at all.

Niniane is the rare cool, adventurous female geek, whereas Wendy is quite pedestrian with an adorably bitchy personality and writing that makes for good reading.

richard.e.miller said...

That's kinda sweet. There's hope for us all :)