Wednesday, December 09, 2009

hot dogs, bikes, and hotness

I'm back home in Mountain View. A few more memories from Chile:

Completo, which is the Chilean version of a hot dog.

Embarking on a bicycle tour of Santiago.

View from the top of San Cristobal hill, in the middle of the city.

My tour guide took me to a local establishment called "cafe con pierna", which means "coffee with legs". You go there to drink coffee, while pretty waitresses in bikinis flirt with you.

There is no dancing. You go to drink coffee and confide your troubles to an attractive woman who will listen intently to you.

Inside of the cafe. (I asked permission to take photos.)

On the way back, I stopped in Miami. My friend Lily came out to join me. On Saturday night, we ran into James Franco! He was standing outside the entrance for a party.

This is now a good opportunity to show some photos of James Franco.


John said...

That Chilean version of a hot dog looks disgusting... hopefully it tasted better than it looked!

Very cool photo with James Franco! Were there a lot of other people asking to take photos with him?

writer said...

1) Is that a hot dog with guacamole and sour cream? If it is, it sounds great! I'm going to ask for that the next time I am getting a hot dog somewhere.

2) Please tell me you confided some troubles (perhaps your thwarted attempts to go to Antarctica) to a waitress there.

Jeremy said...

Bikinis? People in the 50's wore bikinis. That waitress is wearing some dental floss down there. I'm not complaining because she has back for sure.

Niniane said...

The Chilean completo tasted great. It is a hot dog with guacamole, sauerkraut, tomatoes, and sour cream. The sauerkraut was a bit strong, but everything else was excellent.

I don't speak Spanish, so it was difficult to confide troubles to my cafe con pierna waitress. My tour guide translated for me, and I was able to ask her a ton of questions. She was very friendly and answered all of them while flirting with both of us. I asked about her age, how long she's been working there, and whether her body is natural vs enhanced.

ArC said...

How did you even recognize James Franco? He doesn't look anything like those other photos you posted.

(are you *really* sure that was him? =) )

Michelle said...

I've been following your blog for a while now, great postings! First time for me to leave a comment though, and it's all because I want to say: lucky you to meet James Franco in person! I love him! :)

Dog of Justice said...

Hmm, I wonder whether I've met him before. Apparently he graduated from Paly the same year I graduated from Gunn...

DF said...

Do you still work at Google? Those green bikes look Google, but they're probably just regular rental.


su said...

First, you look super hot in that photo with James Franco.

Second, I can't believe you didn't tell me that you guys met James Franco! He is like my dream crush!!

Niniane said...

re: su.

Thank you.

I didn't tell you about meeting James Franco? I thought I did, but maybe I only told you about seeing Val Kilmer. (The two sightings happened within hours of each other.)