Saturday, December 19, 2009

it was fate and Throop Pond

Eating dinner at Cafe Moma in building 45 with Dan, discussing the antics of our college friend Po.

Me: "If I met Po nowadays, for example if I met him last week at a party, I wonder if we would still become friends."

Dan: "No, you wouldn't. That's one of the qualities of college friendships. Neither would you and I."

Me: "Dan, don't say that! I feel like you and I were meant to become good friends."

Dan: "Of course we were. That's why we met when we did."


Wanda said...

That's such a sweet thing for him to say!

writer said...

I wonder what this says about our friendship.

ArC said...

I dunno, the friends I have made sinec college aren't that different from the college friends.

On the other hand, certainly college offers a context which fosters friendship. And people are less fully formed when they're young.