Thursday, August 13, 2009

small avalanches prevent larger avalanches

Anon: "I think it's a good sign when couples bicker a little bit in public."

Me: "Really? Why?"

Anon: "Not angry arguing, but just a little bit of disagreement. Like, 'You always order this dish and can't finish it.' That means they can talk out their issues. What's dangerous is when people bottle up their frustrations."

Me: "That's true. When people can't talk about what's bothering them, until they erupt one day and argue all night long."

Anon: "Yeah. The marriage seems perfect, and one day suddenly it's 'I want to see other women.'"

Me: [nodding]

Anon: "And then the husband says, 'Wait, what?'"


writer said...

That happened to me. It was awesome.

David said...

'You always order this dish and can't finish it'

That's just the kind of nitpicking that would make me want to argue all night.

Anonymous said...

Wrong !
The constant nagging and bickering build up and snowball into something bigger. These episodes will fill up a dam (dike). One day one small thing will break the dike like one straw breaks a camel's back.

Anonymous said...

Better to bicker and be told "you always order this dish and can't finish it" in a civilised manner that doesn't call so much attention, than to have your boyfriend chuck your takeaways out the window whilst driving home