Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Walking down the streets of Manhattan with my friend Andy, a couple weeks ago.

Me: "In the Lord of the Rings movie, I find it unrealistic that the Ents would change their minds about battle due to a single war cry. If I heard about the forest destruction, I'd want to go see it for myself first, instead of immediately declaring battle."

Andy: "And from an Ent perspective, you're very hasty."

Me: "Yeah, they should be even more hesitant! I wonder if the Ents are based on a real-life person that Tolkien knew."

Andy: "It was probably based on his tenure committee. [in Ent voice] 'I don't know, J.R.R. ...'"

Me: [lol]

Andy: [in Tolkien voice] "But I want tenure!" [in Ent voice] "Let's not be hasty now..."


writer said...

I'm very surprised that this entry isn't entitled "Entspiration."

Niniane said...

You are so, so right.

writer said...

You changed it! Now my comment is confusing and meaningless!

Niniane said...

For everyone reading this, the post was originally entitled "Ent inspiration".