Sunday, August 02, 2009

House of Wang no longer a literal house: my brother's new chapter

My brother is moving away.

After shipping Sims 3, he's been considering other job options. At one point, it looked like he would move to the East Coast.

This made me wistful. In the six years that we've been living in the Bay Area, we've gone to high tea many a time, helped each other move furniture, cooked together, and went to nice bistros together. Having him live in my townhouse during 2009 has been especially nice.

During Tom's job search, I was IM'ing with a friend:

me: but i will miss him so much!
xevirt: right, but you only met up every once in a while anyways while in MV
xevirt: it'll now make the meetups you do have so much more great!
me: i would be sad but consolable if he was moving to LA
me: that's only a 50-min flight
me: but east coast is like a 5 hr flight!
xevirt: if you're curious it's 5 hours because the planes go in the jet stream and speed up the flight west-east, going east-west it's often a 6 hour flight
me: omg

In the end, Tom decided to go to Blizzard. Monday is his last day at EA.

Prasanna: Maybe he'll code you into one of those games.
Prasanna: One which progresses from puma to sabertooth
niniane: lol

I am happy for Tom. Blizzard is a great place for him. He's going to do AI for a new game.

His friend asked him recently, "How is your apotheosis going?" He said, "What is that?" It turns out to mean "transition into a god".


I will miss him a lot though. It's really nice to have my house be literally the House of Wang.

Tom in my living room, handing me a giant piece of cake.

The cake.


Aspidella said...

That meringue looks absolutely scrumptious! However, your brother appears to be wearing an untucked, light weave shirt with floral embroidery... (?)

Niniane said...

The cake was great.

He's in his own home! He can wear whatever he wants.

Aspidella said...

Lol--agreed. If my weekend, in-house attire were common knowledge, I'd probably have my clearance revoked. Que sera, sera. :)

melinda said...

Where is Blizzard?

writer said...

I am sad to have never met this young man. He sounds like a fun guy.

gameplayer22 said...

congrats to Tom! Blizzard (Irvine) is a solid company; it's almost anti-EA, where EA is focused on massive amounts of IP, versus Blizzard's single digit IPs.

I'm sure, whatever he works on there, it'll be awesome.


Wanda said...

hmmm? They don't have blizzards in Irvine :P

Anonymous said...

who cares?

hmf284 said...

As a long time reader, it's such a stark reminder of how fast time flies to think of Tom now moving into his own place with a new job. Your posts about Tom are always interesting & fun (my favorite is "When Your Own Mama Done Forget You" I wish him very good luck!