Thursday, August 20, 2009

bear hat

I saw a toddler wearing this bear hat, and it looked so great that I bought one for myself.

The bear looks like it's sleeping with its mouth open, rather than opening its mouth to eat you. I think I prefer this, for a soothing effect.


Anonymous said...

While I was in Seoul last winter, I saw varieties of such hats, of all kinds of animals out there, it's funny most korean teenage girls wear them around. I bought one polar bear, but never dare to venture out wearing it.

writer said...

omg, new profile pic. you have to use this.

also, i hope you wear it to the next eating contest party.

Niniane said...

The only outfit I will wear to future eating contest parties is free tech-company T-shirts and capri pants. I am not going to make that mistake again!

It'd be funny if I show up like that at the next one, and everyone else is in wigs and goofball hats.