Sunday, September 30, 2007

there's a web 2.0 startup idea in here somewhere

At the car mechanic shop last month, I flipped through an old gossip magazine from 2006. The articles were bittersweet, since I already knew the outcome.

Sienna Miller steps out her front door on Christmas Day 2005, to an army of paparazzi. She's just accepted a marriage proposal from Jude Law. Radiating with joy, she announces, "I'm the happiest girl alive."

It would be only a few short months before she's walking through the airport, hiding behind a scarf to evade the same photographers. They're trying to capture her reaction about Jude Law's affair with the nanny.

The cover, speculating on why Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston separated. Inside the magazine, there is a special section about how, despite rumors, Angelina Jolie had nothing to do with it.

I'm also amused by the byline: "Will they reunite?"

I showed the cover to Dan.

Dan: "So, did they in fact reunite?"

Me: "What? No! Brad Pitt is with Angelina Jolie now! I can't believe you don't know this."

Dan: [shrugging]

Me: "You do know who Angelina Jolie is, right?"

Dan: "Yes."

Me: [thinking] "At least you're not a total engineer-in-a-cave."

Dan: "She's Lara Croft."

I told Dan how fun it would be to make a tabloid cover for each of your friends, with the current hot topics in their life. Their work projects, and romantic interests, and struggles.

In two years, it would be entertaining to take it out again, and see how much has changed.


Anonymous said...

that's actually a pretty good startup idea or at least a facebook app. I think one for you would be like "Will Niniane ever find love?". lol just playin.

Strider Aragorn said...

After all these years of being a geek, you're still interested in that girly stuff?

John said...

Lara Croft - LOL. I read recently that since the movie Tomb Raider was released in 2001, visits to Angkor Wat have exploded.

ArC said...

Would you make that tabloid cover for maximal embarrassment two years down the road? (That is, if something in your friend's life seemed like a time bomb, would you enthusiastically rave about it on the cover?)

I guess it'd be an especially emphatic and sarcastic "I told you so."... in Photoshop/collage form.

Anonymous said...

Niniane, what a great idea! You can start your own web 2.0 company. Or you can use your 20% time.

RC, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Which is a better company MSFT or GOOG?

Daniel said...

I'm going to take the interview the day after tomorrow. I just read your suggestion for google interviewees. It really encouraged me a lot. Thank you a lot.

p.s. it's awesome for google has such a beautiful lady like you :)

nisa said...

So many guys are head over heels swooning Niniane. It must be nice to be so popular. The place I've worked has bountiful gorgeous girls, even my manager Ai Chearn is such a statuesque Asian lady. The 3 girls closest are even dolled up - one is even selling MAC. As if the cosmetic. :R One dreams of opening a beauty shop. One mingles with the celebrity stars. Once someone actually said to me one of the hunks in the photo next to that glamour girl is her husband. & I actually believed! Since I'm totally clueless with whos who in the celeb world.

It was actually celebrity. She totally played me! Grrr.. :R

Man. Be a nerd in that place! :D They're all nice lovely people anyway. You can't believe walking with her on the streets, may traffic stop?

But once in another workplace, more faithful in religion he he. I told a friend one handsome star actually lived in my neighbourhood. Two actually if my cluelessness knows or care. But the other one is a rap group, it's kinda teenage-y for a 23 yo to tell in her office. & she actually doesn't care. Yipppeee!!! A soul sister. :D

People around me could be great looking so much so... everybody shines that nobody shines. He he.

nisa said...

& Guys. I know this is one (me) vs million billions (you) the mass itself I can't win. But man, I know you admire Niniane as the prettiest, loveliest, beautiful lady ever.

It's imaginably like in her every post man. It's too obvious. People know already, man. :)