Saturday, September 29, 2007

so much fun!!!!

I'm watching "Eye for a Guy 2", a Singaporean reality dating show from 2005.

I love reality shows. My favorite TV shows are "MTV Real World" and "Temptation Island".

Some of you are turning up your nose in disgust at my taste. Remember: judge not, lest ye be judged.

On this particular show, ten men compete for the attention of beautiful model Denise Keller. The prize is a weeklong European holiday with Denise.

Anyway, what makes this show infinitely better is that my longtime friend Howard is on it!! He's one of the ten suitors. We knew each other from Microsoft nine years ago, before Howard moved to Singapore.

The show aired two years ago, but I just got around to watching it, after Howard was kind enough to upload an episode to my FTP site.

I cannot tell you how entertaining it is to watch your friend compete to charm a girl. Watching him meet her for the first time! Playing the guitar with a funny song he made up himself! The delightful confessions where he mocks the other men! It's monumentally fun to cheer him on, and watch the other guys screw up.

I'm laughing so hard that other people at Sugar Cafe (where I'm sitting) are coming over to ask what the show is.

I want all of my friends to go on reality dating shows!


John K. Lin said...

Is Howard Singaporean? He should maybe try the Social Development Unit.

A former co-worker of mine was on Survivor and Survivor All-Stars:

girlrobot said...

do you watch that reality show "the pick up artist"'s based off that book "the game". i think you blogged about it. pretty funny show. my guilty pleasure though is THE HILLS. ahha

Anonymous said...

That chick has a boney chest and no tits. Is the surprise at the end that she's a tranny and the winner gets humiliated?

nisa said...

but but... what if you don't actually find the one to be swoon at... ummm... the one you'll sing "head over heels". :@ it'll be acting-y. Worse - you know you'll be documented.

FOREVER! Ok maybe not forever. but it'll feel like forever. :R

Plus usually dream partners are not even in listed. they don't even enter it. i.e.: Dr Sheikh Muszaphar[sheikh] , the super gorgeous petroleum engineer Zara Salim Davidson[zara].

Still I guess it will be fun to watch (& tease cheekily) an old friend in it :R. But I fear it would get stuck in my head. My friend is swooning. he's swooning... he. is. swoooning.

& that's why keep my love life a close, forbidden city, guarded secured secret. Things could get too cuddly wuddly nobody else should know. Frankly, if it is legal - couples may believe only they're the two person in love so special on earth like Adam & eve, while everybody else could be monks whatever just don't share for all they care.

It makes love special. :R

nisa said...

sorry (sheepish). Zara studied chemical engineering & heads an oil and gas consultancy firm. I guess a bit of geek nature(?) to cut short that into "petroleum engineer" - but I hope I get it right.

ArC said...

"The prize is a weeklong European holiday with Denise."

Boy, that's a LOT more sane than American dating shows like "The Bachelor", where the prize is marriage.

ishkabubba said...

that is so weird you know *howard*. i've been reading about him forever on *xiaxue's* blog. i had no clue he's an *american*! i always assumed he was from singapore. :P