Thursday, September 13, 2007

a few photos from Burning Man

Safeway in Reno set up an entire fenced area to sell water.

It took hours to set up this custom shade structure.

Our camp is named Cookie Camp. We tried making chocolate macaroons in a solar oven, but they stuck to the cooking surface.

To live up to our name, we offered to store your private information, should you decide to come by and cache it with us.

We cooked on this propane stove.

An omelette I made. It's stuffed with green beans and tuna.

There were nearly 200 registered art pieces like this one. People also decorated their costumes, art cars, and camps.

At night, as far as the eye can see, the desert plain is covered with neon lights in fantastical shapes, roaming around.

No money or advertising is allowed at Burning Man (except the official Center Camp sells coffee and ice). It's an uplifting feeling to realize that people are creating the art for the pure joy of it, rather than a monetary incentive.

A line of fire blasts.

I was very impressed that the Burning Man committee recreated the Man within three days, after the original Man was torched. A dozen people worked in shifts, day and night, to rebuild him.

The new Man was around 50 feet tall, with neon lights, and arms that lifted at the beginning of the Burn.


amish said...

To live up to our name, we offered to store your private information, should you decide to come by and cache it with us.

It took me a second to understand that sentence, but when I finally got it, I snorted.

Jesse said...

I'm not sure what's worse. That joke about cookies or the fact that I got it. :-P

Bene said...

Haha. There's a "Cookie Monster" sign on my office door. Did you give each client a random ID, or was it sequential? How long were they expected to hold on to their ID? Biological systems are incredibly erratic in their data retention policies.

John K. Lin said...

Yeah, it took me a second to get the cookie "joke."

zb42 said...

Green bean and tuna omelet? Not an obvious dish... In fact, sounds like something a starving college student would make after scrounging around her dorm room at 2 am and only finding a couple of eggs (unknown expiration date) in the fridge, and a can of tuna and a can of green beans laying around.

Anonymous said...

Over my head...

Please explain cookies to meeeeeeeeeeee...


Anonymous said...

"Cookie" as in web browser "cookie". Something that stores information about you when browsing a web site: preferences, etc.