Tuesday, September 18, 2007

how yelp.com depressed me today

Email to a friend:

You know, you have this passion for writing. You compulsively write for at least an hour every day since you were twelve years old, in your journal and long emails to friends. You pore over a dozen books on plotlines and description. You spend hundreds of dollars on Stanford writing courses.

Then you look at any random yelp review and it's just as entertaining and well-written as your most prized creations.

Reply from my friend:

The Yelp review you quoted was editorially selected for wittiness. Yelp puts the most entertaining reviews on top (through a combination of algorithmic and editorial means).

Reply to the reply:

Good, good. I can go on living then.


Mike Stoppelman said...

The review you linked to was a fellow Googler's! She's my bud too :P. I'm so proud!

John said...

There are also a lot of crappy writers out there as well. My high school friend's sister works for a publisher in NYC, and the amount of crap she has to plow through she says is mind numbing.

metal said...

As an employee of google it should occur to you that the internet makes finding what you're looking for extremely easy.

So people looking for good and witty writing will find it very easily.

I mean sure you can say that yelp has great quotes but at least you know you're comparing your writing with what is voted to be among the most entertaining.

Anyways when it comes to depressing just be glad you're not my coworker.

Lets look at some of my choice quotes.

'Lets keep this train wreck moving'

'I'ma quit my job and work at burger king'

'You are a ray of sunshine in the sewer that is my life'

And my coworker responses...

'you look like you just lost your best friend'

'if I was suicidal and I hung around you I'd kill myself'

'why do I even bother asking how you're doing anymore? its always just 'its going''

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