Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day massacres

Me: "I asked my friends whether they expect the man to do all the planning for Valentine's Day, or whether they share. Turns out they think the man should do it all."

Tom: "Yeah, but that's dangerous. This week several of my female friends said, "I'm not planning anything. I'm waiting for him to organize the evening." Later I run into their boyfriends, and I ask, "What are you planning for Valentine's Day?" The boyfriends say, "Nothin'."

Me: Do you warn them that their girlfriends are expecting it?

Tom: No, I sit back and think, "This is gonna get good."


Anonymous said...

hehe,so,what about you?

theguyyouknow said...

(1st time users)Wow, I agree with the girl's boyfriends. I usually just say nothing but I know when the day come. There has to be something planned for my special someone. I believe guys just like to do everything at the last minute. On the other hand, females should also be thinking about do something for there special someone as well. Sitting there waiting for the other person to give you something is very rude. But guys don't really want anything that day but if they go out and buy gifts. Then they probably going to wants some action in the bedroom that night. Depending on the type of gift he gives you. haha.

ishkabubba said...

for two years i lived with this guy and i always did the planning for valentine's day. all i would ever get from him was a card. now that we broke-up and he has moved out. i planned nothing for v-day. so what do i get from him? i dozen roses and a romantic card. next year i'm celebrating by going to *this*.

Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is a woman's holiday where men shower their woman with love, flower, presents and etc.

The male equivalent is Steak & blowjob day.

Anonymous said...

Do we really ned a Valentine'day to make a women feel special.

Life without women will be unimaginable......

So make your woman fell special every day of her life.