Monday, February 05, 2007

displays of rage, lost in translation

"That's not what I do when I get angry."

"What do you do then?"

"I kick over bicycles. Like, let's say I was feeling sick, and my girlfriend left me alone to party with some other guy. I would confront her on the steps outside her apartment, and shout, 'I'm ill, and instead of taking care of me, you went out for a good time with some other man!' I'd turn to the rack of bicycles locked outside the building, and kick them over. Then I'd walk off coolly. Nearby girls would look at me with attraction in their eyes."

"What if there aren't bicycles around?"

"Fortunately, the few times I was in this situation, there were always stands of bicycles that I was able to kick over."

"You can only pull that off in China. There aren't that many bicycles in the US."

"Yeah, I'd have to kick a trash can or something."

"Most outdoor trash cans are made of heavy stone. You'd injure your foot."


"Yeah, you'd hop a few steps on one foot and then plop down onto the sidewalk and shout, 'I hurt my foot, and instead of taking care of me, you're just standing there laughing!'"


ArC said...

Perhaps in America, this person could consider kicking over a group of Harleys to impress girls.

(how incredibly rude.)

ZHANG said...

Actually even by kicking over bicycles, he may still get hurt...It depends on the kicking skills of that miserable guy...

Anonymous said...


Niniane said...

> 很形象,很美。

I understood the words but had to get a translation of the overall meaning.

My translator said you are praising my writing quality. Thank you! How delightful.


CreoleInDC said...