Monday, October 30, 2006

photo of Egyptian temple

Ramses II built the temple Abu Simbel (wikipedia) ostensibly to honor the god Amun, but in reality to honor himself. Half the walls are carved with twenty-foot-tall scenes of him shooting three arrows from a bow while riding a chariot, him holding five enemies by their hair, him crushing the bodies of Hittites under his feet.

Me: "Ramses was probably an old man by the time he built this temple, and he's still depicting that one battle from his youth. I wonder if his subjects got tired of listening to him talking about it? Well, at least he's fair to his queen. Her statue out front is the same size as his."

Dan: "Which queen statue?"

Me: [pointing to the two seated statues to the right of the entrance]

Dan: "That's not the queen. That's the god Amun sitting to the right of Ramses. His queen is that tiny statue you see standing by his foot."

Me: "God damn it."

[Wikipedia claims all four depicted statues are of Ramses II, but my point still holds.]


Michael said...

That's great!

Anonymous said...

who are the peeps in the pic? Googlers?

Yian said...

Hahaha. Didn't he have a number of queens? (I thought he had over a hundred kids, which is not possible with one queen, I believe) So maybe that's why he didn't build a big statue...the queens would get jealous. ;)