Thursday, October 26, 2006

AFD (or: what are friends for)

In Egypt, driving laws are apparently just suggestions. My Cairo cab driver straddled two lanes on the highway. Other drivers did the same, effectively converting two lanes into three. Walking in the Friday market, I heard a round of honking and looked up. A van five feet away headed straight at me, a boy of ten in the driver seat, bouncing with the bumps in the road.

Yesterday as our group rode back to our hotel from the Luxor Museum:

Me: That van next to us is driving with its door open.

Dan: [glances over at white van driving 30mph with sliding door fully open and five Egyptian men inside] Yeah.

Me: The driver is probably a ten-year-old boy.

Dan: He's still better than you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, snap!

chris said...

why are you in egypt?

Anonymous said...

Google must be harnessing ancient Egyptian codes into their future algorithms.

Anonymous said...

Asians are bad drivers because of their squinty eyes -- they lack peripheral vision.

Anonymous said...

So funny...

Gotta love friends like that.