Sunday, October 01, 2006

my brother's views on female beauty

Tom: I chatted up a girl last week.

Me: How'd you meet her?

Tom: At a Stanford party. She seems really smart.

Me: Cool. Is she cute?

Tom: Her body is good. I can't remember about the face.

Me: How could you not remember? What were you doing?

Tom: Looking at the body.

Me: Tom Cruise's baby is really good-looking.

Tom: Oh really? [types at laptop, peers for a few seconds] ... Yeah, she is.

Me: Seriously!

Tom: That's weird, because Kate Hudson isn't that good-looking.

Me: Good thing his wife is Katie Holmes.

Tom: [smiling for a few seconds] ... You never know.

Me: [startled] Yeah, I guess. [pause] So do you think Katie Holmes is pretty? I guess she has that girl-next-door look.

Tom: Girl-next-door isn't a good connotation for us. 'Cause in Silicon Valley, the girl next door isn't going to be that good.

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Anonymous said...

As an attractive female, need I say how much I love Silicon Valley?

The guy ration and quality is also pleasantly inverted: not only there are lots of guys per girl, but almost all of them are smart, and half are good looking, which is very rare in this world.