Thursday, March 30, 2006

you know you're considered an ancient relic when ...

Today I receive an email from Tom, my darling brother (pictured below in a state of embarrassment over being in Starbucks with his camera-toting sister):

He asks if I'd like to receive this T-shirt for my birthday:

"Of course not," I say. "Why would I wear such a mean shirt?"

His reply:

The inside joke is that the founder of (a blog site),
automatically forces everyone who uses myspace to be his friend.
Thus, people were angry, and wore shirts such as: "Tom is NOT my

My answer to him:

I KNOW WHAT MYSPACE IS, TOM. You don't need to define it. I am not that out of touch with today's youth. I don't yet look like this:


ArC said...

I totally am out of touch with the ins and outs of myspace.

Darn kids these days.

Anonymous said...


I spend my time explaining what is MySpace to younger people--nothing to do with being old, just a tech- or Web2.0-oriented person. The only thing this could mean is that Google might not be communicating enough about Orkut (provided your brother is a potential user).