Saturday, March 25, 2006

Breaking my stereotype.

I was picking up takeout from Queen House last week, my favorite local chinese restaurant. Since I got there just before closing, I overheard the tall angular-featured male cashier talking to the lanky squinty-eyed waitress.

"... don't think I'm going to go with you," he said. "There's nothing there good to look at except the show itself."

I immediately cast him as the stereotypical Asian guy who is critical of every physical flaw in women.

"Oh, and of course you," he added as an afterthought to this waitress who could not be described as beautiful.

My heart was warmed.

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b said...

Where do you find these guys? @.@ I'm not the typical Chinese dude but my friends can't be all weird like me. Where we think it's hard enough to find a single Chinese girl to date let alone to nit pick what she looks like. :P