Saturday, March 25, 2006

This is so hot.

I LOVE the Windows Disk Defragmenter. I sit there and watch it for minutes at a time, as it increases the performance of my machine.

But today I learned of something even more magnificent: Mac OS X on-the-fly defragmentation.

That's so hot.


Anonymous said...

Using a huge hard-disk is better than defragmentation.. i usually think that defragmentation just kills your hard disk.. especially i always see that the HD LED of my computer notebook is almost ON always.. no matter if i hv run defragmentation..

Stephen said...

I ran into your blog because of the xBox Party post which was referenced on a Women-in-Technology blog but this is the reason you've now joined a very, very small group of blogs that I follow via Bloglines.

You write very nicely... keep it up!

Unknown said...

well, you probably don't know "O&O Defrag"

HenryNYC said...

I guess I'm the only other person that likes to stare at the windows defragger when it's up and running. Maybe I should put together a website that will monitor your defragger online when you are away from your computer. Then we can all stare at the defragger all day long. It might be a national pasttime.

Unknown said...

I like the old pre 2000 windows defragmentation better. It some how reminds me of a game being run on automatic. Especially when there's large blocks of data being written. It really tickles my noodles :D