Sunday, March 12, 2006


Eating with coworkers. During a lull in the conversation:

Alipe: So ... Niniane, I discovered your blog.

Me: [mentally thinking] Heavens! The inevitable has come to pass! [out loud] I see. Did you notice you have a psuedonym?

Alipe: Yes! I'm Alipé (ah-lee-pay).

Me: Oh. In my head, it was pronounced Alipe (ah-leap).

Alipe: I like Alipé.

Me: Okay, Alipé then.

Alipé: You know, my friends also discovered your blog. They said to me, "[suspicious look] You're not mentioned in this! Do you really work for Google??" I had to say, "Yes, yes! I'm Alipé!"

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