Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I am at SIGGRAPH 2012, the premiere computer graphics conference. I am so excited that I willingly woke up at 4:30am to fly down to LA for it.

Motion capture system, being demo-ed on the exhibition floor.

A poster on algorithmically converting photos into impressionist paintings. There are many examples of doing this, but this technique emphasizes edges rather than blurring them. It ends up with sharp edges on a blurred background.

Poster on improving vector line art. This was the most clearly-communicated poster on the floor. It actually has a plot and characters.

Lobby of one of the conference hotels.


Anonymous said...

i can definitely empathize. i continued going to GDC for a long time after my brief stint in the game industry was over. i don't plan to work in the game industry again, but i still love following it and the community around it, so i occasionally took vacation and paid out of pocket to go to GDC, just like you did with SIGGRAPH.

hope it's a good show!

M Pawliger said...

Glad to see there are a significant number of papers and posters on 2D techniques again, after a many-year absence, though now many of them are probably real-time!