Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cousin's wedding!

My 22-year-old cousin got married today in a Mormon church.

The pastor gave specific instructions.  The groom is to avoid going out to eat with old girlfriends.  The bride is to avoid complaining about marital arguments to her girlfriends.  

It is rather binding to put these into the wedding speech since you are agreeing to those covenants!

My brother, me, and my uncle and aunt (groom's parents).

Because this is in Utah, there is no alcohol at the wedding.  For yesterday's rehearsal dinner, one of the groomsmen drove a keg from Colorado so that there would be beer there. 


Anonymous said...

What a nice-looking couple. Your family is full of handsome people...

Anonymous said...

When are you getting married?

Anonymous said...

They sell alcohol in Utah, just not in kegs. what a groomsmen!