Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Half Dome!

The best thing about climbing Half Dome is that afterwards people will assume you are pretty fit.  In actuality, the person on the cables immediately in front of me was overweight.  But you'll still get loads of positive affirmation about your physical fitness after your summit.

You can see Half Dome in the distance on the right.

Waterfall on the way up.

I went with a group of 25 people.  The organizer divided us into six teams: Team Cheetah, Team Falcon, Team Bison, Team Giraffe, Team Turtle, Team Hedgehog.  I was on Team Turtle.  I was the slowest Turtle!

On top of the sub-dome, facing the last part of the summit.  You can see the line of people going up the cables.

Team Turtle started climbing an hour before Team Cheetah (they were still sleeping when we left the Yosemite cabin), but the Cheetahs had been on the summit for two hours by the time the Turtles got to the top.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, what a ham you are... Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Jeremy said...

You weren't worried your watch would get scratched by all those rocks?

karen said...

WOW - I think you look even more beautiful in that last photo than you do in all the glamorous party shots... in fact if I weren't married I might be gay for that photo :)