Saturday, October 30, 2010

apartment on a hill

I signed a lease on a new apartment, very close to Minted.

It was difficult to commit to this apartment! I'm very attached to my Mountain View townhouse. Anyway, I'm renting the townhouse to Azer, while I stay in this SF apartment for a year.

The apartment is at the top of a huge hill.

Even though it's on the first floor, it feels high up, due to the hill.

This is the previous tenant's furniture. I'm moving out of my crash pad this weekend, and into this permanent apartment in a week.

I still go to Mountain View once or twice per week. It's always lovely to see my house, catch up with Azer's latest adventures, co-host the Sunfire weekly presentation, and see my personal trainer. I'm very fond of Mountain View. I'm more of a MV person than a SF person.


Anonymous said...

looks like jackson square, north beach area? fun! congrats! i'm in south beach, close by. we"ll have to hang out!

Anonymous said...

Aiya, you need to get married and start a family.

Your Lover said...

Wow, a very nice crib. Can you tell us a little about the cost? Why also only for just a year?

I must say though, living in SF has a markedly different feel than out in the 'burbs. I could notice the vibe difference just by visiting.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you sick of people telling you that you need to get married and start a family? I am! You're remarkably gracious on this site, sharing with the world what you're up to, and what you find interesting, etc. When people tell me that I should get married, I think, don't these people know that if I had met the right person at the right time, all of that will happen? Recently, a work-assigned "mentor," a man who has no business in my private life, who's 20 years of my senior, who's recently widowed, told me that "all work no play makes a one a dull girl." "You should get a husband," he said. I was really insulted. Just because I don't talk about my personal life and private feelings doesn't mean that people know what they are! So I personally feel like if you feel the liberty to tell someone that they should get married, you have the obligation to find that person a suitable marriage partner to partner up with--otherwise, just hold your tongue. That's like going around telling people, you should be richer and make x$ by x time.

Anonymous said...

sitting around 8+ hours a day with a baby makes a dull girl.

ArC said...

"I could notice the vibe difference just by visiting. "

Yeah, for example, there are pedestrians in SF. (I lived a year and change in MV and it turns out I'm not cut out for the suburbs.)