Sunday, October 17, 2010


All week, one of the popular San Francisco radio stations has been promoting a giveaway of concert tickets for Chris Brown and another star (Dre?).  The DJ talks about how hot Chris Brown is, how good of a dancer, how easy his backflips look.

Have we all forgotten that he brutally battered his girlfriend and showed no remorse for months?

I am incredulous that this radio station is acting like nothing happened.

One caller, a woman, talked about how attractive he is.  The DJ said, "You know, he's single now." The caller said, "Mmm, then I'd better get myself to that concert."

He's single because his pop-star girlfriend finally left him after he bashed her head against the car dashboard until the windshield was splattered with her blood!  And his fans are only focusing on the fact that he's single?



Jeremy said...

Americans love to forgive the famous for their transgressions. Big Ben was vilified earlier this year, but all is forgiven now that he lead Pittsburgh to victory over the mighty Cleveland Browns.

Michael Vick may be an exception because most people have an extra soft spot for animals.

Yishan said...

Guess you're not a fan.

Anonymous said...

Niniane is not a fan of woman/wife beaters.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Hollywood and the mainstream music business is a piece of shit. There are no morals in that world. Polanski drugged and anally raped a 13 year old child, and the scum of Hollywood defend him and say the girl was "asking for it", people still see his movies, no one really cares.

Rappers that are thugs and murders make millions.

The skanks who chase after Hollywood/music business scum really don't care about the morals of the man. They care about his wallet and fame. Wife beater, kiddy rapist, murderer, whatever, is secondary.

Anonymous said...

well we dont know the real story. his girlfriend may be cheating on him or having sexual feelings for other mans. in these cases, it is okay for male man to teach woman the lesson. other cases not good. in china this is common.

Anonymous said...

To teach a woman a lesson?

What do you suppose we do to teach men a lesson when they cheat or have "sexual feelings" for other women?

I know the real story. Let's just beat each other up, and smash each others' faces into windshields.

Anonymous said...

Let's just beat each other up, and smash each others' faces into windshields.

-- I think I get your point now. I withdraw my above comment - whatever be the reason, no one has a right to hit.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Common it may be, but still wrong. There is ONE time it is possibly acceptable to bash someone's head against anything, and that is if they are actively trying to murder you at the time. It doesn't matter what 'the other side of the story' is, and under no circumstances is it 'okay' to beat your girlfriend. Or anyone else. Period. Okay? Good.

Anonymous said...

It's not that no one has the right to hit. You could theoretically fight fairly, man to man, for example. Or woman to woman. Old fashioned duals between two gentlemen (who were equally outfitted with pistols) were "fine." Violence vs non-violence is not the issue here.

But what's not fine is when a man hits a woman because the man is physically bigger and stronger, and he's definitely going to win. So for a man to hit a woman, the man is a coward. He's an uncontrolled person who's angry, who doesn't know how else to deal with whatever pisses him off or hurts him, and chooses to hit an opponent who is smaller than him. It's even more egregious when that woman is supposedly someone you love, who is at another disadvantage due to her emotional attachment or financial dependence on you. You are not a man at all if you hit a woman under any circumstance (unless she's posing a physical threat to you), but even more egregious in a domestic relationship.

This is why it's not OK for adults to hit children either. You're bigger. You're taller. You can beat the shit out of any kid who's smaller than you. You're going to win. Your child loves you. Yet you hit them, either with your fist, your belt, or your broom????

Jeremy said...

If you folks are going to have a big comments war can you please not do it anonymously; it's like listening to a radio discussion where everyone has exactly the same voice. How many individuals are even in this argument?