Sunday, October 17, 2010

Neha visit

Neha came out to visit San Francisco this past week. She used to live in SF, but has been in Boston for the past three years, studying computer science at MIT as a graduate student.

She stayed in my little sublet with me, on Telegraph Hill.

She arrived at 1pm last Sunday, and had a paper deadline for an ACM conference at 5pm, so she immediately settled into finishing the paper. I liked having the flurry of activity followed by intense focus.

My sublet is quite small -- effectively the size of a hotel room. CM said to Neha, "I can't believe you're going to stay with Niniane in her tiny apartment!" But Neha and I both agreed it was really nice.

The best part of the apartment is the view that spans one wall.

This is the view.

Yesterday Neha and I woke up and chatted for half an hour, then realized that we were out of time to eat brunch. We walked down the hill together, where she got a chocolate croissant at the Italian French bakery and I got a slice of vegetable pizza from Golden Boy's. I loved the zucchini on this pizza, which is strange because I usually dislike zucchini.

It was really fun. What factors lead to some people being really enjoyable to talk to, and others being less compatible? I don't think it's due to common interests. It's some combination of humor and being analytical.


美金 said...

you need a better camera, which can make pictures better :)

Mingus said...

"...the Italian French bakery.", hey isn't that like the Mac PC. Basically you get the same things done but don't you dare not knowing the difference.

ArC said...

If you can solve the compatibility problem, you'll take over the world.

(for what it's worth, I would add that there's something about rhythm that can certainly help or hurt chemistry.)

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of people who find each other enjoyable conversationalists without being analytical - but maybe in your case, that is a requirement. I agree, same sense of humor helps a lot.

Mark Young said...

I love Golden Boy Pizza, particularly the clam & garlic, although the batches seem highly variable. Fun neighborhood - good move - welcome to town.