Saturday, October 09, 2010

canvas print

I bought today's Groupon, which is a canvas print of any photograph.

I'm thinking of using this photo. I like it because it's a candid shot of my mother and brother talking in a Shanghai museum, during the trip where these conversations occurred. Looking at this photo makes me want to walk over immediately and start talking to them.

What do people think? Would that look good as a canvas print?


Ade said...

It's quite a nice candid shot; a tender moment between your mum and brother with the added mysterious element that the viewer cannot see your mum's face. So yeah, it's quite an intriguing shot.

By the way, I took the liberty of adding the usual Photoshop tricks to your photo (

Hope you don't mind.. I'll keep the photo up until tomorrow and then I'll remove it from the net.

John said...

Bad idea - not a very good photo to be blown up as a canvas print! Your mother's back is turned against you and you can barely make out your brother since your mother's hand is in the way.

Any one of your recent scenic photos from Ithaca this year or last year would be better.

Anonymous said...

canvas print the big nose guy you always hang out with.

Niniane said...

Haha, Anonymous's comment made me realize that I hang out with quite a number of guys with large noses.

ArC said...

If it was my choice, and if I had the resolution, I would consider cropping it a bit just for composition's sake.

I like what Adrian L did with his versions #4 and #3.

Yishan said...

I hate being the guy who says this, but it looks like she's in the process of slapping him.