Thursday, April 08, 2010

the odds are still promising

Last weekend, while eating noodles with my brother.

Tom: "Mom wants to set me up with the 19-year-old daughter of her friend Mai. But that girl lives two hours from me! I said I'm not interested because it's too far."

Me: "Mai's daughter... Wait, is it Sabrina?"

Tom: "Yes."

Me: "Oh my God, Sabrina is sooo cute!"

Tom: [looking regretful] "Really?"

Me: "At least she was at four years old, when I last saw her."

Tom: [very exasperated expression]


ArC said...

Two hours each way really would be ridiculous.

I know, I'm missing the point. =)

Anonymous said...

the way you torment your brother is so funny. Such good reading. Thank You for the funny stories.

A lazy blogger said...

Hi Niniane, sorry for this an irrelevant question. Isn't it that "Mai" is a Vietnamese name?

Niniane said...

Mai is a psuedonym. The daughter also isn't really named Sabrina. :)

writer said...

How do you maintain the mapping of pseudonyms that you have to generate for all these people you tell anecdotes about? Do you have a list somehwere? What kind of look-up time is it?