Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy birthday to the best little brother

My brother is 23 years old today!

A montage of previous birthdays and occasions:




As a birthday gift, I enrolled him in a six-month "Gourmet Food of the Month" club. The first shipment arrived on Tuesday: two bottles of premium vinaigrette dressing.

A new friend laughed at my gift choice. "This is clearly the gift YOU want," he said, "not what a 23-year-old guy wants. This would be like if he got you an xbox fighting game for your birthday. He would be saying to his friends, 'She'll like it, right? It's a really good fighting game.'"

This planted a seed of doubt in my mind. But Tom sounded really excited about his vinaigrette, and said I was the best sister and gift-giver ever, so hopefully it's not too bad.

Next year I'll give him an xbox fighting game.


Anonymous said...

Please look at the picture in your April 2 post and think again. What's he gonna put the vinaigrette on?

Anonymous said...

The love you have for your brother is really sweet.