Monday, April 26, 2010

pragmatic dad

Two days ago, talking to my dad on the phone.

Dad: "Your brother keeps flying out of town on weekends. He went to Chicago recently."

Me: "他对 Irvine 还不熟, 没什么事做。 比较孤独。" (He's still new to Irvine, and doesn't have a lot to do there. It gets lonely.)

Dad: "孤独才好看书!" (But lonely times are the best times for studying!)

Me: [laughing]

Dad: "All of my useful knowledge was information I studied during lonely times."

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Githyanki said...

I wonder, does it mean that his focus is on others when he is with others, and he only lives in his head when he's alone? Overall, that would be a good thing, I think. Though some of my most useful information is a product of talking with a trusted other (hoping that the average opinion of two minds more closely approximates the truth in some way, but only to a point).