Monday, May 11, 2009

yay indentured servitude

I had a tea party yesterday. Just before the party started, Susan was in my kitchen preparing papaya and cantaloupe.

Me: [setting laptop to play classical music]

Susan: "Wow, the music really changes the setting."

Me: "Oh?"

Susan: "Before, I was just cutting up fruit. Now I'm in your Victorian household as an indentured servant."

Me: [lol]


David said...

Niniane had a tea party and didn't invite all her adoring readers? Boo.

Doktoro Esperanto said...

"Shut your festering gob, manservant! Fie, fie upon thee!"

writer said...

This is also why I didn't come to your party, because perhaps it was merely a veiled attempt to indenture me to you.

Uh, but now maybe I feel bad that I didn't, because that other commenter above wishes he had an invitation, when I had one and spurned it!

Maybe you or Susan will enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous because you Americans can listen to the pandora, I can't, Pandora is geo restricted.

RC, The Netherlands.