Sunday, May 10, 2009

disgusted by froyo!!

Dan and I were walking down University Ave in Palo Alto an hour ago. We walked past the Grand Opening of a frozen yogurt store. So we went in.

There were three young men standing around in aprons. One of them looked familiar. I asked where I saw him before, and he said he worked at the Apple Store. He was the Mac Genius Bar employee who treated my MacBook when its hard drive failed.

Dan got colorful yogurt, and I got cheesecake froyo and chocolate froyo.

Well, now I feel uber disgusted! There must have been too much sugar. I even threw away most of the brownie and pound cake pieces. Blech! I wish I could vomit. Or go back in time and un-eat this frozen yogurt. Disgusting!! I want to go into a sauna and sweat all the froyo particles out of my system.


Unknown said...

I suggest Red Mango instead - within a stone's throw of the Apple Palo Alto store, and owned & operated by Survivor winner Yul Kwon ( )

Sylvain said...

Man I didn't know a frozen yogurt could be that bad. Now I feel like going just to believe it, is that some kind of anti-marketing campaign? :-)

Michael.K said...

Was he fired from Apple or something ?

How much was the yogurt?

Wei said...

I really craved for fro yo waiting for star trek to start. The froyo place at the cupertino AMC closed early so I decided to get a haagen dazs ice cream was 380 calories! I regretted it the minute I saw the nutrition label but my friend refused to eat it for me. So I ate it and wasted my 1.5 hours of gymming :(

N said...

The yogurt was 47 cents per ounce, including all toppings and the cup weight.

Now I wouldn't eat it if they paid me 47 cents per ounce!

But I would eat it if they paid me 47 dollars per ounce.

Unknown said...

(This is the place: It was nongreat -- generic frozen yogurt from a machine, somewhat overpriced -- but it wasn't nearly as bad as Niniane reports; I think she just had a little personal sugar gross-out moment.)

Niniane: "Do you think this frozen yogurt is bad for me? It might have a lot of sugar!"

Me: (look of disbelief) "That's like saying -- Do you think this chocolate cake is bad for me, there might be some fat in it?"

Niniane: "But Fraiche yogurt is healthy, right?"

Me: "Have you checked the nutrition information?" (

Niniane: "No, but they have all the signs saying how healthy it is!"

Me: "..."

Note that Fraiche doesn't look too bad -- 25 calories per serving -- until you realize that there are 4 "servings" in the "junior" size, and 6 "servings" in the "regular" size. Apparently a serving is, like, one bite. So a regular size Fraiche frozen yogurt is 150 calories.

To be sure, a scoop of ice cream has 300 calories, so froyo is a better deal. They're still pretty much empty calories, though.

Yishan said...

Hey, if you are in that area you should drop by the office sometime and we should have lunch.

N said...

By seeing that on the froyo post, I now mentally associate your invitation with sensations of physical disgust. :(

But I will try to dissociate the two, so that we can have lunch sometime. I really like Coupa, and Tea Time, and Osteria. It is a good block for restaurants.