Friday, May 15, 2009

startup humor

Talking over IM to a friend from college and Google, who founded a startup in China. He's on a trip to the US, meeting with corporate partners. After discussing our respective work endeavours:

ac: good luck

ac: Add oil! (chinese phrase, meaning 'go for it')

niniane: thanks, you too

niniane: though it sounds like you don't need it

niniane: you are already on fire!

ac: yeah, it's called my burn rate


david1082 said...

I'm looking forward to your massage health centre startup.

sanjuro said...

Don't add too much oil though, or you might wind up in Oil Panic (Nintendo proverb).

Unknown said...

I always liked that Chinese phrase "Add oil!" as a cheer. But I wondered what the Chinese used before the invention of the combustion engine - "Feed the horse?"

Anonymous said...

What kind of oil are we talking about? Cooking oil or oil for an engine?

RC, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I think "Add gas" is more relevant to that chinese phrase than "add oil". gas == oil in chinese pronounciation