Monday, May 25, 2009

laffy taffy jokes

Yesterday a few of us were sitting around, reading the jokes printed onto Laffy Taffy wrappers.

I would read the joke opener, and then we'd guess what the answer would be. Here are my favorites. See if you can determine which ones were made up by us, and which were the Laffy Taffy answers.

Q: If your dog kisses you, what do you call it?
A1: Arr-ful.
A2: A pooch smooch.

Q: What do you call an owl in armor?
A1: Armored-owl-o.
A2: Knight owl.

Q: What has a head and tail but no body?
A1: A linked list.
A2: A coin.


William said...

HAHAHA linked list. very nice. I lol'ed

Hung said...

LOL at "linked list!"

Spam Diaries said...

The third one is too obvious. I'm gonna guess A1 on the others as well; they show language use that looks a tad too sophisticated for the average Laffy Taffy joke aficionado.

Unknown said...

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Kevin Chiu said...

LOL linked list. Great, now I need to find out who writes these...

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