Wednesday, May 20, 2009

san francisco summer spectacular

I moved to Noe Valley in San Francisco for the summer. I'm sharing a sublet with my college friend Lori. This is my room:

We have a little yard that is pleasant on sunny days. View from the yard:

I am more affected by the weather than I previously realized. San Francisco climate flips wildly from one day to the next. Monday was bitterly cold. Yesterday, I bundled up in two sweaters, to find it sunny and 70 degrees outside.

Tom is still staying at my townhouse in Mountain View. I miss living with my brother.

Lately I was organizing some photos. Here is one of my all-time favorite photos of me and Tom, because he is acting like a goofball. It is from the Louvre:


ArC said...

"You must be this tall to enter this museum" ?

John K. Lin said...

@ArC - LOL!

Shoehorn said...

This might be an artifact caused by the blogification of your life, but from an outsider's perspective you certainly seem to move around a lot. Are you searching for difficult and interesting problems to work on, or simply that subset of problems with business potential? You could go back to school and become a physicist, if you like the toys and problems but aren't so concerned with monetary compensation. These guys are doing some very interesting work, though you'd need a refridgerated boxcar of brain meats to fully understand their voodoo. :)

Niniane said...

I do like to change my physical location frequently.

I'm actually very happy with what I'm working on at the moment.

I was just thinking today that I wish it were easier to move my entire setup (monitor, keyboard, mouse) around with me.

hmf284 said...

It's always fun to read the stories & vignettes about you & Tom. I hope you'll have an excellent summer in SF!

scott said...

Your bed is always neatly made... quite adorable and admirable!

Robin said...

Isn't the city fun? I just moved to Cole Valley from the East Bay and am still adjusting to the cold, windy nights!