Saturday, February 28, 2009

life updates

Hello from Budapest! This post is coming to you from the heart of Hungary, land of gothic steeples and goulash.

Recently I've been mulling over whether to blog more about software, since confidentiality is no longer as much of an issue. Many of you know this, but for those who don't, I decided near the end of 2008 to move on from Google, after five amazing years. It was wonderful working on Desktop (stories) and Gmail and Lively (warm wishes to the hardcore users who worked around the clock to keep the product experience going with, and now it is time to try new things.

At the moment I am traveling and fiddling with a couple of web site ideas. I spent the past couple of days in Budapest with my college friend Eileen. A few photos so far:

Art Noveau palace. It is now a Four Seasons hotel lobby.

Interior of Matyas church, with very pretty stained glass.

Eileen preparing to eat chicken with paprika and cream sauce. We've been eating a lot of paprika.

Me in a restaurant. The food is so good in Hungary!

We went into an underground labyrinth which created a spooky effect with lighting and drums from hidden speakers.

... until we came across this "excavation" in the labyrinth.

View of the Danube. Budapest is divided into the Buda section and the Pest section. In this photo, I believe we are looking at Pest, from Buda.


David said...

I see the plan is running smoothly: Microsoft ---> Google ---> World Domination Inc.

Anonymous said...

Those are some nice pictures. A lot of Hungarians are rather proud of the painted ceiling of Mátyás Templom, but you didn't put up a picture. It's not clear how important that is, since most of the castle district buildings are relatively new but built in old style. The retreating German army tried to hold off the Soviet assault there, and most of the structures were reduced to their foundations.

Also, a popular Budapest activity is the Metro Challenge, in which you run from one station to the next along the track (carrying a flashlight). The yellow line is best, since the trains are slower and the stations are closer together.

John K. Lin said...

Wow, you left Google. Best of luck with your next steps and please let us know what they are.

In the mean time, enjoy your travels! I highly recommend visiting places like Estonia, Turkey, and Australia.

michael koswara said...

nice ! budapest is really peaceful from the look of it.
Btw, niniane since you left google has your position been filled ? or do they still need a programmer "cough" me "cough" LOL jk.

sanjuro said...

My ex didn't really like Hungary when she went, she said the life there looked so poor and she had to stay in some shabby building. I guess you're privileged because from your pictures it doesn't look like you're visiting the shabby parts of the city.

And I second that "Wow, you left Google". Quite a surprise indeed ! Didn't know about that Newlively either, though I'd personally be reluctant to install software from an uncredited source. I'll be looking forward to your website projects.

And you should come visit here, to Scandinavia ! It's a good place for geeks, though probably not as much as the Silicon Valley. :S

David said...

I hope you've been dining at the most sumptuous restaurants available. Get the best from those GOOG shares while you can.... ;-)

two-penny finials said...

Please write more about software, your thoughts on that subject are interesting and occasionally very entertaining. :)

Anonymous said...

> I decided near the end of 2008 to
> move on from Google, after five
> amazing years.

Any future applicants through might be slightly disappointed they don't get to meet you.
(It's a bit like how recent batches of Microsoft interns miss out on the BBQ at Bill Gate's house.)

ipsg0007 said...

hope you are enjoying over there Niniane..

pk@pl said...

Any plans to stay in euro part of the world for slightly longer? I had a chance to meet a few of very entertaining and interesting friends from calif while I stayed in amsterdam. Warsaw where I'm based now seems to be more and more international place (although the quality of life is still slightly ;lower than western europe). Best of luck with travels and future galaxy domination. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great woman, just move on.