Monday, February 02, 2009


My friend David was visiting from New York last week.

Me: "Angelina Jolie's bodyguard is writing a tell-all book about her. The book claims she cheated on Brad Pitt."

David: "Why should she be content with one guy? She's Angelina."

Me: "But it's Brad Pitt! Why would anyone cheat on Brad Pitt?"

David: "She did all that crazy stuff before, with the blood vials and marrying Billy Bob Thorton."

Me: "She does have a wild past, that's true. Another part of the book says she won over Brad Pitt by fulfilling all of his sexual fantasies. I'm not surprised by this."

David: "Right. So why should you be surprised that she wants to fulfill all of her own sexual fantasies? Including cheating on people."


John K. Lin said...

>"But it's Brad Pitt! Why would
>anyone cheat on Brad Pitt?"

Maybe Brad Pitt is dumb as sh*t... and bad in bed... ?

Niniane said...

Brad Pitt seems pretty talented in terms of acting ability, and he's very witty in interviews.

Anonymous said...

Aww, John's jealous of Niniane's praising Brad Pitt. Minority women worshipping and backing majority men. Minority men getting no respect from neither the majority nor their own minority. That's what you get for settling abroad.

Niniane said...

Come on, it's Brad Pitt.

John K. Lin said...

@Anonymous - "That's what you get for settling abroad." - huh? I was born in the U.S.

As for Brad Pitt, my point is that beautiful & witty Hollywood couples are always breaking up, so I was trying to provide a tongue in cheek reasoning.

As a heterosexual Asian American man, I would agree that Brad Pitt is a good looking guy.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I mean the byplay, not that she cheated on Brad Pitt. All I have to say is welcome to Hollywood!

Misty Faucheux

Anonymous said...

Former hottie Angelina is a bit scary-looking these days. In a few years she'll look like Madonna. She was just getting while the getting was good. And I bet she'll get a cut of the book's profits too.

writer said...

<s>This is how my wife won me over.</s>

John K. Lin said...

Some interesting tweets regarding Brad Pitt & CGI today at TED:

Anonymous said...

Apparently Angelina had an affair with a woman. If that's true then Brad's failings were that his dick was too long, and that his tits weren't big enough.

So chalk up two points for you against Brad Pitt, John K. Lin!

Anonymous said...

I challenge Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to spend those obscene reserves held by their 'Jolie-Pitt' Foundation on legitimate efficient 'humanitarian' work or turn the funds over to others who will. To date, they have taken in $22,000,000 on the sale of baby photos alone and spent or granted only a fraction of that on 'humanitarian' work or 'good will' of any kind. The rest so far, has been spent on PR campaigns, plane rides, and super-high end accomodations for Brad and Angie in exotic locations around the world. I also challenge them to meet the criteria of a legitimate charity, operate with a reasonable overhead, and get their 'foundation' worthy of a decent rating by ANY independent watchdog like Otherwise, to stop using their 'foundation' as a travel/PR firm and stop seeking publicity for every donation made to their own 'foundation' shortly before or after the premier of their latest film or DVD release. I challenge Brad Pitt to do the same with his 'Make it right' Foundation. Which to date, has not met the criteria of a legitimate charity or been given a decent rating by ANY independent charity watchdog. Otherwise, to stop competing with 'Habitat for Humanity' for PR, credit, kudos, and funding. Who by the way have been building homes for the less fortunate in every major city including New Orleans for decades. 'Habitat for Humanity' has been 'Top Rated' for years by and others. They operate with a low overhead, volunteer workforce, and donated materials. No similar effort can match their progress hour for hour or dollar for dollar. The homes built by 'Habitat' actually get lived in by the less fortunate. It works. In fact, hundreds of legitimate charities have been given good-excellent ratings by and other independent watchdog groups. By contrast, the vast, overwhelming majority of celebrity 'foundations' have been rated poorly, fair, or not rated at all. They usually don't even meet the criteria of a legitimate charity. Still, they have the nerve to seek funding from a number of sources including ordinary people, compete with legitimate charities, and cash in on maximum PR for their ineficient 'humanitarian' efforts. Its not right.