Saturday, January 17, 2009

true friendship = responding in the middle of a puzzle hunt

Something came up that frustrated me. I sent a venting email to Dan. Then, because he came online the next minute:

niniane: i am frustrated!
niniane: just want to express my frustration through as many mediums as possible
niniane: next i will send you a sms
niniane: and then skywrite it
niniane: with flares
niniane: in the night
dan: Lol
dan: MIT mystery hunt is this weekend, I'm in the middle of it
dan: I validate your frustration!
niniane: sorry
niniane: go go go
niniane: go beavers!
niniane: caltech beavers only
niniane: do not go, MIT beavers
dan: [silence]


ArC said...

Dan uses "lol"? Is this the Dan I know? Seriously, though, he uses "lol"?

ArC said...

Also: (cliched, I know, but the classics are funny for a reason. Or maybe I mean the funny ones are classic for a reason.)

John K. Lin said...

I had either forgotten or never recalled that Caltech's mascot was the beaver as well.

Since Caltech was founded in 1891 and MIT in 1861, so I'd say that Caltech copied MIT... (though the founding of the schools doesn't necessarily establish when the school mascots were established).

Niniane said...

Yes, this is the Dan you know. He was in the middle of a puzzle hunt, so he may have been speaking differently than usual.

ArC said...

JKL: Your comment made me curious, so I looked it up. According to various bits on Wikipedia, MIT adopted its mascot in 1914, while Caltech's sports program dates from the founding of its Div 3 conference in 1915... I suppose it's possible Caltech adopted a mascot before getting involved in SCIAC, but here my googling has hit a wall.

Jeremy said...

Oregon State University adopted the beaver as its mascot in 1910, which would predate both CalTech and MIT, but I guess that doesn't really matter in this nerd-off.

John K. Lin said...

@Arc - well, it looks like MIT has a better men's basketball team this year than

Looks like there's no need for a documentary like Quantum Hoops, MIT Edition.

ArC said...

Jeremy: OSU does not have "institute of technology" in the name, so you're correct, that (potential) nerd-off has been called off. =)

Niniane: I will have to revise my understanding of Dan in light of this new information.

flummox said...

As they say, the Dan you know is better than the one you don't. So beware: here be dragons. Just let it go--pretend you never saw the LOL and back away slowly, as if nothing ever happened. It's just not worth it, please...

nooriana said...

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