Sunday, January 04, 2009

group weddings and celebrating the elderly

Over Christmas I visited a friend in China. We first spent a couple days in the city of Kunming.

I found a random hotel through Google Maps. It had Victorian statues of Venus all about the grounds.

My hotel was home to a "group wedding" tour group. All these couples came on this tour to get married. I've never seen this before. The tour guide provided bouquets, corsages, red scarves, and red umbrellas in case of rain. (Red is the lucky wedding color in China.) Later they were all going to their honeymoon in Lijiang.

I wonder if group wedding tours happen in other countries. I can't imagine it taking off in the States.

This mango juice stand is cute, from the name "Mango Tango", to the 2-d grid of mangoes in glass cases.

Bamboo patch in the Western Hills.


I liked seeing how Chinese culture respects the elderly. The Kunming newspaper ran a promotion in collusion with the local hospital, offering free glaucoma operations to anyone who has celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary (60 years). Gold wedding anniversaries get a huge discount, silver gets a small discount, etc.

The newspaper kept referring to elderly women as "little old ladies" in an affectionate way. It was sweet.


ArC said...

wedding tour group: aiiieeeeee.

Anonymous said...

welcome to my hometown.
I hope you enjoyed the stay in Kunming.

Did you go to see the performance "Dynamic Yunnan"? I highly recommended if you have not.

Anonymous said...

admission to ALL the parks and public transportation are free for seniors.

You probably see a lot of old folks in the park across city of Kunming.

Anonymous said...

See, all those Chinese women are happily marrying Chinese men. Why can't you do that instead of chasing after white asiaphile men?

Niniane said...