Sunday, January 04, 2009

just in time for new year's resolutions

I think it's good when the president serves as a role model.

The paparazzi snapped a photo of Obama in swimming trunks. Now guys are taking his photo into the gym as inspiration.

I saw a news clip of a Midwestern-looking man asking a personal trainer, "Can I go from here (gesturing toward his gut) to here (gesturing at Obama photo)? Is there hope?"

"There's hope," said the trainer, studying the photo. "There's hope."


Maybe men will copy his haircut too. Instead of "the Rachel", we'll have "the Barack".


Robert Konigsberg said...

Wow, President Beefcake.

Kathryn said...

Haha, I like the "Barack". Pretty witty!

Anonymous said...

Great, great. Hey, Niniane, any more pics of your gorgeous friend Eva? Pretty plz with a kthx on top?

minggie said...

wait.. but bush looks very fit and nimble in his sixties too, how many people holding his picture ask to as fit as him?

it's unfair to the old man~~ ;-)

Tuckshop Boy said...

ahh ... the audacity to hope for a six-pack.