Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tom funny

Sitting inside Notre Dame, under a projector screen spanning the church:

Program Announcer: "This 60-minute movie will tell you about the history of our church. It is intended for young and old alike..."

Me: [poking Tom on shoulder] "Did you hear that? It appeals to both you and me."

Tom: "No, they didn't say yuppies. [pointing to door] You have to leave."

Tom: [talking about how he recently gained weight]

Me: "How can you look the same, but weigh so much more?"

Tom: "I must have gotten denser as I aged. Same body, more mass. Or rather, same volume, more ass."

At a cafe inside the Louvre, holding a book we brought from the States.

Tom: "By the way, I agree that the Pocket Louvre sucks. I looked up 'Venus de Milo' and all it said was 'The Venus de Milo was unearthed in 1820.'"

Me: "Yeah, it's terrible. Feel free to just throw it away."

Tom: "Being in the trash can of the real Louvre would be the greatest thing that's ever happened to that book! I'm going to take it out of the Louvre before I throw it out."


Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Ninian!
This is ur 1st post in 2008 :-)

BTW, Tom rocks! Not everyone has such a nice brother.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back - we missed you!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Welcome back & Happy New Year!

Niniane said...

Awww, happy New Year to you guys too! :)

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side...being a yuppie is better than being old! You can resolve to get older this year and actually succeed!

Happy New Year!

ArC said...

Hmm. What are your thoughts on the Stanford shopping center? (And what are Tom's?)

Anonymous said...


Did you see any Sumatran tigers?


Yum Yum...


We missed you...

Did you keep up on local news?